Spring 2024 Courses
Course Number Description Credit Hours Dates Details
BIOL-T570 Evolution 3.00
BIOL-T582 Advanced Field Zoology 3.00
BIOL-T591 History of Life 3.00
BUEA-M557 Contemporary Managerial Ethical Issues (Topic: Second eight weeks) 3.00
BUNW-G514 Human Resources Management 3.00
BUSE-A500 Speaking the Language of Business 3.00
CHEM-T510 Inorganic Chemistry 3.00
CHEM-T560 Environmental Chemistry 3.00
CMCL-C610 Identity and Difference 3.00
EDUC-H520 Education and Social Issues 3.00
EDUC-J500 Instruction in the Context of Curriculum 3.00
EDUC-P507 Assessment in Schools (Topic: SECOND EIGHT WEEK COURSE) 3.00
EDUC-P507 Assessment in Schools (Topic: full semester) 3.00
EDUC-Y520 Strategies for Educational Inquiry 3.00
ENG-D600 History of the English Language 4.00
ENG-L503 Teaching Literature in College 4.00
ENG-L553 Studies in Literature (Topic: The Rhetoric of Love and Marriage in Oscar Wilde ) 4.00
ENG-L625 Readings in Shakespeare 4.00
ENG-L646 Readings in Media, Literature, and Culture (Topic: TBA) 4.00
ENG-L660 Studies in British and American Literature 4.00
ENG-W501 Teaching College Writing 4.00
ENG-W508 Graduate Creative Writing for Teachers 4.00
ENG-W590 Teaching Composition 4.00
ENG-W600 Topics in Rhetoric & Composition 4.00
FREN-F525 Readings in French and Francophone Cultures (Topic: Meets Monday, Wednesday 5:00 PM–6:15 PM online) 3.00
FRIT-F556 Le Roman Aux 20E Et 21E Siecles (Topic: Meets Tuesdays 5:00 PM–7:00 PM online) 3.00
GER-T550 German Literature and Thought (Topic: Meets Tuesdays 6:45 PM–9:00 PM online) 3.00
HIST-T510 Historical Methodology 3.00
HIST-T530 Early America, 1400-1800 3.00
HIST-T540 The Long Nineteenth Century, 1800-1917 3.00
HIST-T550 Modern United States, 1917 - present 3.00
HIST-T590 Research Seminar in History 3.00
MATH-T601 Topics in Algebra (Topic: Survey of Algebra) 3.00
MATH-T610 Topics in Analysis (Topic: Real Variables) 3.00
MATH-T640 Topics in Applications (Topic: Numerical Analysis II) 3.00
POLS-Y508 Topics in World Politics (Topic: MA ONLY, not for MAT or certificate) 3.00
POLS-Y529 National Political Institutions (Topic: MA ONLY, not for MAT or certificate) 3.00
POLS-Y567 Public Opinion: Approaches and Issues 3.00
POLS-Y600 Capstone in Political Science (Topic: MA ONLY, not for MAT or certificate) 3.00
SPAN-T510 Second Language Acquisition for Spanish Teaching 3.00
SPAN-T520 Spanish Writing and Grammar 3.00
SPAN-T540 Spanish Phonetics 3.00
SPCH-S640 Studies in Organizational Communication 3.00

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